Public lectures on Shokoladi

Actual topics and interesting speakers.

Art, literature, science, new technologies and innovations.

Public lectures every Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM on radio "Shokoladi", with reruns on Wednesday and Friday at 12PM.


   News with Nino Tvalavadze

Georgia and the World in one edition. The most important news of the world on radio Shokoladi. Stay up-to-date with all the most pressing political, cultural and sports news on FM 98.5, Monday through Friday at 15:00 and on weekends at 07:00.

Nino Tvalavadze will keep you informed of all the week’s topics.

   Your Opinion

Don’t miss Radio Shokoladi’s “Your Opinion”, a program dedicated to discussing and breaking down the
most interesting and pressing topics ongoing within the country’s political sphere. The show routinely
features a wide range of engaging guests including politicians, economists and other important
influential local figures. The show airs every Thursday at 18:00.

   With One Desk

The radio Shokoladi presents Giorgi Kekelidze's copyright program With One Desk.

That's what we have left behind in teaching Georgian literature. Teaching methods to correctly consider literature, Messages written in the texts by the author, Their perceptions over the years or centuries ...

Representatives of different spheres, interesting guests, actual literary issues discussed individually.

Giorgi Kekelidze invites you to talk about literature With One Desk

Listen to the program With One desk Monday at 18:00, repeat - Tuesday at 12:00.

Go back to desk with George Kekelidze.

   Dato Turashvili's Shokoladi

Literary program for book lovers on radio Shokoladi.

Conversations on different epoch writers, review of literary works.

Old and modern classics, prose, poetry, censorship in literature and the way from artistic to real world.

Dato Turashvili, the host of the program together with invited guests will hold discussions about interesting topics in literature.

Listen to the program on Wednesday at 18:00, repeat - Thursday at 12:00.

Dato Turashvili's Shokoladi - Your Literary Companion in FM Space.